CLINAM Dwarf-Award at 10th Conference for Grand Nano(s)medicine

The B-SMART consortium was prominently represented at the 10th European & Global Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine & Targeted Medicine, which was organized by CLINAM, the European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine, and took place in Basel, Switzerland from May 07-10, 2017. This years’ summit was presented under the main theme “Witnessing the Solutions and Tackling the Hurdles” with a strong focus on the route of nanomedicine – from basic and enabling sciences to successful clinical applications in targeted and precision medicine and related fields.

The unique event brought together all stakeholders from the field of Nanomedicine & Targeted Medicine and provided a platform for scientists, developers and professionals in clinical application to mutually learn from each other in finding better solutions for the medicine of the future.

Several B-SMART partners contributed to the summit in the form of oral presentations and in chairing sessions: B-SMART coordinator Prof. Raymond Schiffelers from Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) chaired the session on “Exosomes and Other Naturally Occurring Vesicles” and presented the topic “Engineering Extracellular Vesicles for Drug Delivery” whereas Dr Imre Mäger from University of Oxford (UOXF) talked about “Delivery of RNA with Extracellular Vesicles”. Dr Sven Even Borgos and Dr Ruth Schmid from Stiftelsen SINTEF (SINTEF) gave a presentation on „New Analytical Technologies under Investigation” and chaired the session on speeches of submitted posters.

As a highlight of this event, Ruth Schmid received a special award – the CLINAM dwarf-award. Nano is derived from the Greek word “nanos”, which means dwarf – a mythical creature well known for its supernatural powers and considered as very smart & supportive. Thus, the dwarf-statue reflects Ruth’s important role in the field of nanomedicine and as a strong supporter of the CLINAM organization as well as B-SMART partner.

For additional information please see the official conference website and programme.

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