Meet the European Nanomedicine community at the ETPN2017

The 12th annual meeting of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) will take place from October 17-19, 2017 in Malaga/ Spain. The event is co-organized by ETPN, BIONAND, CIBER BBN, IMDEA Nanociencia, and Nanomed Spain.

The ETPN2017 is announced as “unique place to discover, to meet, to network, to prepare new projects, to brainstorm about Nanomedicine and its industrial expansion, all in a cool and friendly atmosphere.” (Patrick Boisseau / Chairman, ETPN).

Focus is on the following topics:

  • Current trends in nanomedicine from bench to bedside
  • Translation tools
  • Quality by design
  • Interfacing KETs for healthcare
  • Selected abstracts in Nanomedicine

Throughout three days, the ETPN brings together the nanomedicine family including top level invited speakers and plenty of opportunities for networking. B-SMART coordinator Prof. Raymond Schiffelers, Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) will present the project during the session “Current EU projects in Nanomedicine” on October 19, 2017.

The ETP Nanomedicine is an initiative led by industry and was set up together with the European Commission to address the application of nanotechnology in order to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare.

For more information, please visit the conference website.

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