8th B-SMART Progress Meeting

The consortium had to gather for an online progress meeting once again. All partners are by now well-versed in conducting such meetings and representatives from all partners were present.

The meeting took place 27-28 January and one major point of discussion was the impact of the pandemic on the progress of the work. Although almost all partners had been slowed down and although restrictions still affect most partners, progress had been made and partners are gearing up for the home stretch of the project. Of course, the scientific work is the main focus in the remaining months of the project’s lifetime. But special attention has also been paid in the meeting on how to disseminate the project to make sure that the important work that B-SMART is doing has an effect beyond the project duration. Expect to hear more from the B-SMART partners in the upcoming months!

The consortium was joined by Adriele Prina-Mello from the Trinity College Dublin who, as member of the Innovation and Exploitation Advisory Board, joined the consortium already for the second time after his participation at the beginning of the project and was impressed by the progress the partners have achieved. Next to the external advisor, the EC Officer also participated in the online meeting and their feedback again proved to be a valuable asset for the consortium.   

The next progress meeting will take place in June 2021 and will be adjacent to the 3rd review meeting of the project. Most likely, the meetings will be conducted online again.

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