Golden Apple for successful Italian female entrepreneur from B-SMART consortium

The Marisa Bellisario Foundation awards each year successful women in Italy who have distinguished themselves in their professional fields as innovative managers, entrepreneurs or researchers at national and international level. The prestigious award - the Golden Apple - originates from Marisa Bellisario, one of the first female managers at Olivetti and CEO of Italtel, bringing the balance into active. She fought for equality between men and women in the corporate world. Thus, the foundation recognizes the top performance of women in the professional world marking a further step on the road to equal opportunities.

The ceremony of the XXIX edition of the Marisa Bellisario Award took place on June 16, 2017 in Rome and the event was broadcast on Italian television afterwards. Camilla Borghese, CEO of Istituto Biochimico Italiano G. Lorenzini (IBI) and partner of the EU funded research project B-SMART, was awarded with the prestigious Marisa Bellisario prize in the category “Entrepreneurship”. The award reflects Camilla Borghese’s determination and innovative capacity as well as outstanding performance guiding the company, pride of the Italian pharmaceutical industry, and the important role in the research project B-SMART.

Please find the full press release here.

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