B-SMART structure

The overall objective of B-SMART is to create brain-targeted RNA-based nanomedicines for neurodegenerative diseases that are manufactured via a quality-by-design approach with precise nanoparticle characterization and specifications that meet the requirements for GMP scaling up and clinical translation.

ACTIVE MODULESBrain-targetedRNA NanocarrierTOWARDS GMPPERFORMANCESafety Aspects& EfficacyWP8 In vitroCompatibility andTissue DistributionWP9 Efficacyvitro & vivoManufactum &Quality ControlWP1 ManagementWP10 IP & DisseminationWP10 Industrial ExploitationWP6 Quality ControlWP7 Towards GMPWP2 RNA PayloadWP4 RNA CarriersWP3 Targeting LigansWP5 MicrofluidicProductionBalanced ScoreboardRedesign requiredFix design forspecific application